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What is Hap Ki Do?
Hap Ki Do is a martial art, also developed in Korea, based on the fundamental offensive and defensive techniques which include joint locking, striking, punching, kicking and throwing. The more completely recorded history of Hap Ki Do dates back as early as Sam Kuk Si Dae (The Era of the Three Kingdoms, 3 AD) in Korea.

The Meaning of Hap Ki Do is:

  • Hap: to combine, harmony
  • Ki: power of the mind, body, spirit and inner strength
  • Do: way or method

Several forms that Hap Ki do takes is:

  • Hand vs. Hand
  • Hand vs. Weapon
  • Weapons vs. Weapon

With over 100 – 200 different techniques, 10,000 variations and thousands of differing styles, Hap Ki Do is one of World’s most flexible and workable martial arts.