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Master Mohamed Elshikh

Master Mohamed Elshikh Achievements

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Master Mohamed Elshikh reached many achievements in his 22 years of studying the martial arts and 16 years in business:

  • Trained at Yong-In University in Korea in 2010 in the Sparring Department
  • Trained and competed in the Egypt Open in December 2010 and received 3rd Place Sparring
  • 5th Dan World Taekwondo Federation Black Belt Certified
  • 3rd Dan Hapkido World Ki-do Federation Certified
  • 1999 New Jersey State Taekwondo Championship – 1st Place Sparring
  • 2001 New Jersey State Taekwondo Championship – 1st Place Sparring
  • 22nd Annual Pan Am Taekwondo Han Moo Kwan Championship – 1st Place Sparring
  • December 2014 World Taekwondo Federation Citation of Recognition
  • Host of the Metro Open Taekwondo Championship – one of the largest and well-attended tournaments on the east coast with international referees attending
  • Member: World Taekwondo Federation, Hanmin Jok Hapkido Association, Kukkiwon Federation, NJ State Taekwondo Association, USA Taekwondo (USAT)
  • Self-Defense Instructor at the Sycamore Senior Center located at 290 Old Road in Port Reading, NJ
  • Instructor of Martial Arts for the Woodbridge Recreation Department at the Woodbridge Community Center


Master Mohamed Elshikh’s Favorite Quote

“You can build an amazing life if you build it on a solid foundation.”